Lottie Moggach

A London native from a family of acclaimed writers, Lottie Moggach attended Sussex University before she began a career in journalism at The Times. There, she worked as a feature writer, book reviewer, and columnist for several years. She currently publishes in a variety of newspapers and magazines including the Financial TimesTime OutELLEGQ, and others. Kiss Me First is her first novel. The author lives in London, UK. Visit her website here.



Kiss Me First is Lottie Moggach’s debut novel. It tells the story of Tess, who wants to commit suicide without her family knowing. She meets Leila online, who agrees to adopt Tess’ identity to help convince her family that she is still alive and happy on the other side of the world. Francesca Main, who acquired the book for Picador, described the book as “really gripping, brilliant and clever”.

Sally Wofford-Girand is co-agenting with Antony Topping of Greene & Heaton to represent Kiss Me First in the United States.

"Unputdownable. A brilliant thriller for anyone who’s ever been online."—India Knight

"Unnvervingly claustrophobic and enormously moving."—The Guardian

"A dark psychological thriller... an engaging and suspenseful look at the subtle perils the web presents to the human condition."—Financial Times

"A new literary talent has burst on to the scene in the shape of Lottie Moggach...who mixes emotional intensity with a gripping mystery story."—The Express


"The first coming-of-age novel for the internet generation."—Glamour

"Fascinating… A compulsive debut."Economist

"What is identity in the digital age? And how do you know anyone is who they say they are? That is the dilemma that lies at the heart of this slippery tale... The first thriller to truly tackle the shifting sands of a life lived online, I couldn’t put it down."—Harper’s Bazaar

"A brilliant debut that boldly heads into some very dark places… her two lead characters leap off the page."—Marie Claire

"Moggach’s impressive debut, a gripping psychological thriller, is all the more disturbing for its plausibility… Moggach’s skill in plotting means readers won’t anticipate the twists and turns built into the story, making for an intensely enjoyable reading experience. Memorable and fast-moving."—Publisher’s Weekly

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