Lauren Stahl



Deadly Conviction is a tightly plotted page-turner that follows the trajectory of Grace Malone, an up and coming prosecutor determined to make a name for herself—one other than “the judge’s daughter.”  When she is assigned as lead prosecutor to a string of murders paralyzing Krummel County, she views it as her chance to not only make the town safe again, but also to handle a major case and prove she can do more than ride her father’s coattails. What she doesn’t anticipate is the personal link she discovers she has with the killer, who knows intimate details about a tragic childhood event that she thought she’d left in the past. Grace no longer feels assigned to the case—she is the case.  Solving it is her only chance for survival.

Lauren Stahl is a former ADA and Deadly Conviction draws from her own personal and professional experiences. Within ten months at the DA’s office, she was assigned to a SVU felony case that involved a sexual offender and two young children, which is the basis for this first novel.

In her second novel, she will again pull from experience.  After two years in the DA’s office, while Lauren was prosecuting cases that ranged from violent to white collar crimes, a federal grand jury returned a 48-count indictment against her father, then Luzerne County’s President Judge—charges included racketeering, money laundering, extortion, bribery, and federal tax violations. He became a recurring headline in both national and international news.

Rights: Union Literary