Shaili Jain, M.D.

Shaili Jain, M.D. is a psychiatrist and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder specialist.  She is a Clinical Associate Professor affiliated with the Stanford University School of Medicine and a health services researcher at the National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, which is widely regarded as the world's leading center of excellence on PTSD. 

Dr. Jain’s work is widely accredited for elucidating the role of paraprofessionals and peer support in the treatment of American veterans with PTSD. Her research has been published in some of the most prestigious medical journals in addition to being featured in national publications such as Psychiatric News, Inside Stanford Medicine and The New York Times.

In addition, her medical essays and commentary have appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, public radio and elsewhere.


UNSPEAKABLE: Posttraumatic Stress and its Imprint on the Brain, Human Life, and our World (UPCOMING)

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder cuts to the heart of life, interfering with one’s capacity to love, create, and work—incapacity brought on by a complex interplay between biology, genetics, and environment.  For every individual suffering under PTSD, it impacts 10-20 people in their life and its ability to infiltrate beyond the thoughts, emotions and behaviors of individuals to our community and society, reveals deep truths about life itself. 

In Unspeakable, Shaili Jain, M.D., a psychiatrist and scientist-- working at the frontlines of PTSD treatment and research-- offers a textured interpretation of PTSD. Unspeakable is centered on the lives of Jain’s patients who live with PTSD. Using vividly recounted patient stories, rendered compassionately, she deconstructs the diagnostic entity of PTSD symptom by symptom. She interweaves these stories with her own personal narrative and experience, culled from almost two decades of treating individuals from all walks of life who live with traumatic stress, offering the reader a riveting glimpse into the life of a doctor through the lens of PTSD.

Unspeakable also offers cutting edge neuroscience and conversations with top scientists in the field, clarifying and integrating the various perspectives of PTSD (medical, psychological, social, and political) that are already out there.  Unspeakable tells the complete story of PTSD, deconstructing its impact on many levels: cellular, emotional, psychological, behavioral, societal, cultural, and global. Through this broad perspective, the reader will emerge with a clearer sense of the implications of PTSD for our world. An elegant cartography of a widely-misunderstood condition, at its core Unspeakable goes far beyond the horrors of war to illuminate why traumatic stress is an inescapable part of all our lives.

"A constant of modern life is trauma, shared widely in word and image and discussed openly on social media. Whether the trauma is personal or political, it affects millions. I can't think of anyone I'd trust more to write a nuanced examination of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder than Dr. Shaili Jain."—Dr. Sandeep Jauhar, author of the NYT bestselling Doctored and Intern from FSG, and NYT Op-Ed contributor

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