Brian Nicholson

Brian Nicholson is the owner of Red Jacket Orchards. He serves as Chairman of NY Apple Association and on the board of Premier Apple Coop. He resides in the Finger Lakes with his wife and three children.


FRUITFUL: Sweets, Savories, Jams and Juices Fresh from Red Jacket Orchards, with Sarah Huck (2014)

From sweet to savory, including fresh juices, every chapter is devoted to the produce of the moment: rhubarb, strawberries, apples, plums, apricots, peaches, quinces, pears, and more. This delectable cookbook showcases the bounty from New York’s favorite orchard, illustrated with gorgeous full-color photography throughout—but all of the fruit can be found wherever you live. Strawberry-Black Pepper Granita, Spicy Roast Chicken with Rhubarb Chutney, Scallop and Blueberry Ceviche, Grilled Peach, Shrimp, and Prosciutto Skewers, and Rustic Apricot and Raspberry Crostada offer a taste of the juicy dishes inside. And twenty-five recipes come from fruit-loving chefs who count themselves among Red Jacket’s devoted customers: a few of the contributors include Dan Barber, Jonathan Waxman, Karen DeMasco, and Melissa Clark.

Whether it’s a bushel of peaches or a bundle of rhubarb, you’ll find plenty to dish up here.

“Fruitful is the book we need now! This heartfelt work about growing, tending and finally putting this glorious fruit on the table inspires me to my roots. You just know that this is fruit as it’s supposed to be: rich with flavor, promise and goodness, the result of generations fine-tuning their most important art.”— Deborah Madison, author of Seasonal Fruit Desserts and Vegetable Literacy

“All hands and dirt and heart and soul — a description of Red Jacket founder Joe Nicholson in Brian’s introduction, but it could just as easily be the motto of Red Jacket Orchards itself.  Never has the job of growing both community as well as product appeared more meaningful than in the pages of this wonderful book, whose recipes take you through the seasons with grace and aplomb, leaving you wiser — and more joyful — for the journey.” — Dan Barber, chef and owner of Blue Hill.

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